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by Shana

Welcome to Crack A Book Cafe!

I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself so here it goes…  I’m a mother of one wonderful little hellion (I’d say angel but I believe in honesty hahahaha), pretty easy going and LOVE books!  Give me a great book and coffee and I’m set!

When I started finding all kinds of book blogs I was amazed! The different types with seriously awesome reviews was so incredible.

I also thought it looked super fun and was inspired by other book lovers.  So I started thinking why don’t I give it a try?!  Once I got over my blogger stage fright 😉 I launched my blog a few years ago and here I am still loving it.

I love hearing from everyone so feel free to drop me a line via form below and/or check out some of the posts and share your thoughts with everyone.

Happy reading and hope you enjoy!

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