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Hello All!  I thought I’d tell you a bit about myself so here it goes…  I’m a mother of one wonderful little hellion (I’d say angel but I believe in honesty hahahaha), pretty easy going and LOVE books!  Give me a great book and coffee and I’m set!

The only books I tend to avoid like the plague are stories with cheating or love triangles.  Oh and again there MUST be a happy ever after.  I hate getting drunk over a bottle of tequila after finishing a book that’s left me bawling my eyes out from depression; so NO thank you. Cliffhangers suck too.  I have enough stress (that’s my excuse for reading non stop hahahaha) without obsessing. I turn into a little book stalker. Soooo not healthy!!

Seriously though, taking a moment to disappear in a story and imagine the world a good author can create is one of my favorite pastimes and I’m glad you’re here to share that with me.  Happy reading and hope you enjoy!

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