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Author Interview Policy

by Shana

I’m adding an Author Interview and Author Spotlight section to my blog so I can provide opportunities for authors to share a bit of themselves with potential readers and promote their work! Please check out the below policies before filling out applicable forms:

Author Interview Policy

If you are a published author (either traditionally or self-published) and interested in being interviewed, please feel free to send a request by completing the author interview request form. and I will endeavor to respond to your request within 3-4 days. If for some reason I’m unable to respond within that time frame please assume that while I’m most thankful for your request I won’t be able to interview you at this time.  However, please feel free to submit a request for future books/interviews.

If you’d like to request a review of an upcoming book as part of the interview please refer to the review policy and submit a request.  Note, however, that a book review is not required as part of an interview.

Author Interviews are done via email. Questions will be forwarded to you once I have gathered information and tailored them to you and your book(s). If you have a preferred date you would like the Author Interview to be posted please let me know when you provide your answers.  I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to accommodate your request but I will do my best. Interviews will be posted under ‘Author Interviews’ and will remain there indefinitely.

I plan to turnaround interview requests within a month, however it is dependent on my schedule, previous commitments and if a book will be reviewed as part of the interview. I will provide a time frame upon acceptance and will notify the author if delays are anticipated.

Answers should be returned with a jpeg image of the book cover, if applicable, and author. The interview may or may not include a brief review or the review may be posted separately. For details regarding my reviews please read my review policy.

  • I cannot interview everyone so please don’t take it personally
  • I do not charge for interviews
  • Interviewing authors does not influence reviews I may complete for any of their works. Please see my Review Policy
  • I retain the right to not post an interview at my discretion

This is your chance to really shine a spotlight on yourself and share some awesome insight into you, the author, so take advantage and have some fun!  Us readers will love you all the more for it!

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